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U-Pick Apples: Edmonton Area

Attracted 2 Apples

Pick your own, fresh eating apples (Free of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers)

12 new varieties of apples from the University of Saskatchewan

800 tree Apple Orchard

20 minutes East of Edmonton, close to Fort Saskatchewan

Last update: Sat. Oct 7; 5:50 pm

Next update expected: next year

Orchard is Closed for 2017:

For notification of orchard opening day 2018, Email Notification Orchard Open 2018


Cash Sales Only

News 2017

Oct 7, 2017 News:

It is with mixed emotions that I say that the orchard is now closed for 2017. We had a great year for producing lots of high quality apples. The trees were well rested from last year (blossoms froze so the trees took a rest) and the spring weather was perfect for an apple tree. I think trees produced 4 or 5 times as much fruit as in 2015.

We received great publicity this year. Liane Faulder from the Edmonton Journal wrote a really nice article for the Journal, CBC Radio AM did an interview. Numerous photographer and bloggers wrote some really nice pieces about the fun they had at the orchard with their young children. The many referrals on facebook were also much appreciated. I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings and am hoping to see some of my new friends once again next fall. Thank-you everyone for your strong support.

Oct 3, 2017 News:

Autumn Delight is good, people were still picking Minnie Macs and others. If you are looking for something to do on a fall day, come and pick apples. Final day, Saturday, apples 1/2 price.

Oct 3, 2017 News:

Apples still taste about the same as before the cold weather. We have received enough frost that they will not store as well as before. All apples will be 1/2 price from now on.

If anyone wants apples for cider, let me know.

Oct 1, 2017 News:

Cool and windy day, enough people came to make it worthwhile.

Lots of Autumn Delight still in the orchard, excellent apple. There are other apples in the orchard but many of them are getting soft.

At the moment, a crew is planning to come in late in the week to pick apples for cider, they want as much as they can, we will most likely be closed next weekend.

Sept 30, 2017 News:

Wonderful autumn day, not as busy as last weekend, but real steady, a fun day for me.

Apple situation is still about the same, supply of Autumn Delight is good and it is a tasty apple that appeals to most everyone. Minnie the Mac has been ripe for a while but is still popular. Still some Festive Treat available, a good quality apple. Most of the others are not available or are over ripe to recommend.

My son wants to help out tommorrow even if it is cold and rainy so we will be open tomorrow, Sunday, Oct 1. After that I am not sure, we have apples and the weather looks promising for Wednesday.

Sept 27, 2017 News:

Fun day at the orchard, busy enough that there was always someone to talk to but not crazy busy. Although we are out with a number of varieties, everyone was happy with what they were able to pick.

Supply of Autumn Delight is very good yet, very tangy flavor (sweet and sour at the same time). Still good supply of Minnie the Mac and Fall Red. High losses of Festive Treat falling to the ground so we will be out fairly soon. We are out of Prairie Sensation, Misty Rose and Five of Diamonds. Lucky Jack and Orange Pumpkin is too soft.

Orchard will most likely close this coming Sunday night but that depends on how many customers show up. It is a guess at this point.

Sept 24, 2017 News:

Received lots of thanks in the last 3 days from visitors for opening the orchard, everyone seemed extra nice. I am thankful that so many people came out to pick the remaining apples before they fall to the ground.

Lots of some varieties of apples remaining and much fewer of other varieties, still enough variety to please pretty much anyone. Lots of Festive Treat, Autumn Delight, Minnie the Mac, Fall Red and Autumn Delight. Still have Prairie Sensation, we have 1/2 of a row in the far corner, people get distracted picking other stuff before they get there. Some Lucky Jack. Only a few Misty Rose and Five of Diamonds. Orange Pumpkin is too soft.

Sept 23, 2017 News:

The orchard was three times busier then any other time before but it was fun meeting so many new people. I am not used to talking so much.

Still lots of apples. Festive Treat and Minnie the Mac was popular today, lots of these two varieties left. Also lots of Fall Red and Autumn Delight. Still likely enough Prairie Sensation for one more day. Lots of Lucky Jack. Limited supply of Misty Rose and Five of Diamonds. I tell people that Orange Pumpkin is too soft but people still want to buy them for some reason.

Sept 22, 2017 News:

Praire Sensation was popular today. I expect it to be gone sometime tomorrow. Still lots of apples. Festive Treat was more popular then expected today, much sweeter then a week ago.

If you are coming out this coming weekend, please be patient with us. The orchard has received lots of publicity over the past week with the Journal and also CBC. We could be busy and we are not used to handling large crowds but we will do the best we can to assist everyone that comes.

Sept 17, 2017 News:

Today was very busy, busiest day yet ever. Thanks to everyone that tweeted and facebooked about the fun they had at the orchard yesterday and last weekend.

Apple Supply

Overall suppy of apples is still good. Should be open for at least a couple of more weekends. Autumn Delight and Festive Treat are now ripe. Lots of Fall Red, lower availability of Prairie Sensation likely good for another weekend, lots of Minnie-the-Mac, some Lucky Jack, limited 5 of Diamonds, limited Misty Rose, limited Norkent. Orange Pumpkin is done

Sept 11, 2017 News:

Check out these pictures taken this past weekend at the orchard Amazing Kids Pics. I found out tonight that a professional photographer, Kelsy Nielson happened to drop by over the weekend and took some pictures of her kids. In my opinion, her work is better than professional. Kelsy's Website

Sept 10, 2017 News:

Busy Weekend, Saturday was expecially busy. Our customers from last weekend seem to be doing our advertising for us which is nice and very appreciated.

Apple Supply

Lots of Fall Red, lots of Prairie Sensation, lots of Minnie-the-Mac, some Lucky Jack, some 5 of Diamonds, limited Misty Rose, limited Norkent. Autumn Delight and Festive Treat will be ripe soon, maybe next weekend? Orange Pumpkin is getting soft.

Attracted 2 Apples

Sept 5, 2017 News:

Planning to press some apples this coming Saturday, 10:30 am. Free samples.

Sept 4, 2017 News:

Long weekend has come and gone. Very different crowds out each day. Saturday was women looking to buy lots of apples to process. Sunday was old friends. Today was lots of families. I was suprised how many people were asking for a tart apple for fresh eating, this seemed unusual.

Overall supply of apples is still good. We have about 4 times more apples then the last year we were open. Norkent supply is mostly gone however. Lots of Prairie Sensation. Lots of 5 of Diamonds, Fall Red, Minnie-the-Mac. Autumn Delight and Festive Treat will be ripe soon. The two earliest apples, Orange Pumpkin and Misty Rose might be too ripe to recommend next weekend.

August 31, 2017 News:

Yesterday was opening day for the orchard. Lots of people came by, so I think I will continue with Wednesdays as long as the weather is good.

We have lots of apples this year, good quantities of all the main varieties of apples. Misty rose is ripe, Orange Pumpkin is ripe, Prairie Sensation(the ones on O3 rootstock ripe, the ones one Renetka variable if lots of sun ripe, still good time for long term storage). There are a few I really like the taste but the calendar says they should not be ripe, Fall Red, Mini-Macs. Norkents should be ripe now, some are good, some slightly starchy. 5 of Diamonds, normally ripe when Orange Pumpkin ripe, seem a bit later this year.

August 27, 2017 News:

I have been eating a great many apples in the last week trying to decide when to open the orchard. Most people seem to have a sweeter tooth than I have so I have to take that into consideration. Misty Rose is definitly ripe. Some rows of Prairie Sensation are ripe and others almost. Orange Pumpkin was very tasty today. Time to open the orchard.

August 17, 2017 News:

The apples should be ripe in about 2 weeks. If you want to be notified of the opening day, Email_Notification_List

July 21, 2017 News:

Attracted 2 Apples

The apple crop is coming along nicely. We have been busy thinning the apples for the past month. Pollination was excellent this year and we are trying to remove about 85% of the apples by hand to allow the remaining apples to size up.

Attracted 2 Apples

May 26, 2017 News:

The Apple crop as of May 26, 2017 is looking very promising. I am guessing we have double the crop from 2 years ago. The trees were loaded with blossoms and there are lots of young apples forming.

The orchard will open either Saturday, September 2, 2017 or Saturday, September 9, 2017 depending on what is ripe. A notice will be sent out to those of the email list in late August as soon a decision is made.

Old News from Last Year

News 2016

2016 News:

The Apple crop will be limited this year. The trees woke up 3 weeks earlier then normal this spring and the trees blossomed too early. A frost in early May has killed most of the blossoms.

We regret to say that we do not expect to be open to the general public for picking in September. Any available apples will be saved for customers who are on the Orchard email list.

August 10, 2016 Update:

I had a close look around the orchard over the weekend and there is maybe 15 lbs of apples total for this year. Just a few Orange Pumpkin and Fall Red apples. We will not be open at all this year. Hope to see everyone next year.

Orchard is now Closed for 2015:

Notes on the Year:

The number of apples we had for sale this year was up about 50%, the trees at high elevation produced well, the trees down the hill had their blossoms frozen in the spring and did not produce apples.

The marketing went well this year. Some unplanned good fortune occurred. The Sherwood Park News did a feature on the orchard which seemed to be well read. Our new friends at also helped spread the word. The apples sold out after 4.5 days of being open. This year was a challenge since the apples ripened two weeks earlier than normal. The window of picking the apples at peak flavor is only about two to three weeks long. The first day we opened, we relied on our customers on our email list to show up since our advertising did not come out to later. We are hoping more customers join the email list. To get on the email list, send a quick email to You will get just one email per year, in late August, to announce the opening day of the orchard.

Thank-you to everyone that supported the orchard, it is great being part of the local community.

2015: Saturday, September 12 News

Today was our busiest day yet since we opened last year. In retrospect there were a few more apples in the orchard then we thought but that was a good thing, the weather was favorable and lots of families showed up. We were supprised to get a number of families from Quebec, they were familiar with the orchard apple picking experience. We also saw a large number of return families from last year.

2015: Thursday, September 10 News

I did a scan of the orchard yesterday to see what was available. Overall it looks like about 1/4 of the orchard is left. The selection is good right now but we expect a number of varieties will be sold out by the end of Saturday.

Apple Left to Pick:

2015: Monday, September 7 News

Things were soggy wet and cold at 10:00 am but Moms with eager kids showed up right away in their rubber boots. By the end of the day we had a look at the orchard and it appears that we are getting to be about 2/3 picked out. Will check things out a little more do a more detailed update for the weekend.

2015: Saturday, September 5 News

Pat and Andrew from North of Josephburg were the first customers in the gate this morning. Andrew is our most enthusiastic guy picker who likes to shows up regularly. Annie McKitrick, the MLA for Sherwood Park also dropped by to pick lots of apples. Annie is doing her best to support local community agriculture. Even though the weather has been mediocre today and yesterday, the number of customers is up sharply this year.

We still have reasonable quantities of most varieties. The variety, 5 of Diamonds is limited, Orange Pumpin is not available.

2015: Friday, September 4 News

A steady stream of customers came by this morning. This was surprising since it was about 8 degrees and raining in Sherwood Park, only one slight dizzle at the orchard. The variety, 5 of Diamonds is almost gone, Orange Pumpin is not available. Good quantities of all the other varieties, lots to choose from.

2015: Wednesday, September 2 News

An article was printed in the Sherwood Parks News yesterday that highlights the orchard. Due to the increased interest in the orchard a new picking time has been added. We will be open this Friday between 9:30am and noon.

2015: Sunday, August 30 News

The first customer this morning was Donna, Donna wanted to pick apples last year but the orchard was picked clean before she had a chance to come. There were lots of apples to choose from, Misty Rose, Orange Pumpkin, Prarie Sensation and 5 of Diamonds were all ripe. It was great to hear the orchard alive with voices as people trundled up and down the rows looking for their favorite variety from the sampling table. There was no concensus on the best tasting variety, however, the kids did seem to gravite to Orange Pumpkin(the big ones).

Opening today was a last minute decision, most of the customers that came today were customers on my orchard opening email list. If you would like to join the email list, email me at We send out one email per year to announce the opening of the orchard.

2015: August 22 News

Misty Rose, one of the sweeter varieties seems to be suddenly ripe now. This is about 2 weeks earlier then last year. If at least one other variety is ripe I might open next weekend. Info will be up by next Friday. A small supply is available down the road at Northline Farms.

Laura, John and family from dropped by for a visit. See their website for listings of U-picks in the Edmonton area.

2015: June 19 News

Spring is the busy time at the orchard. The activities of tree moving, pruning, grass mowing and rototilling quickly follow one another. We are just about getting caught up.

The trees finished flowering several weeks ago and the apples are now forming. I have been doing some initial thining of the apples and inspecting the potential crop. The early spring and a late frost has had an impact on the orchard. Flowers on some varieties at the lower elevation of the orchard have died. The good news is that the variety Autumn Delight bothered by a frost last year was minimally touched this year. It is also good that we will have less work to do thinning apples this year. I think that overall we will have a crop similar to last year in size.

Old News from Last Year

Important: Orchard is Now Closed for 2014

2014 was our first year open to the public. The orchard sold out after being open for 2.5 weekends. We placed one add in the Fort Saskchewan Record and one add in the Sherwood Park News. Most of the people that came were from Fort Saskatchewan or the local rural area. Lynn, Kye and myself enjoyed meeting all the people from our local community, everyone was really great! I am also grateful for the encouragement provided by so many of the visitors. It has been a long ten years planting trees, moving trees, grafting trees, pruning trees, mowing grass, rototilling etc.

If you would like to get on an email anouncing our opening day next year, please email me at (you will get a single email in late August each year as long as you stay subscribed)

News. Sunday, September 21, 2014

The apple selling is now completed. It seems like a weight off my shoulders to have the orchard picked clean. Four families came out today to help with the picking clean task. The last family that came out had a son and daughter and they raced up and down the rows looking for apples. After an hour of searching and picking they declared the trees apple free.

News. Saturday, September 20, 2014

There seemed to be lots of apples this morning but by 3:00pm today the orchard was cleaned out pretty well. There is maybe 30 to 50lbs of apples scattered about. Not nearly enough to officially open for another day. Families are welcome to come out tomorrow Sunday, September 21 between noon and 2:00 pm for an apple hunt with the kids. The kids can wander about searching for apples to fill their 5 lb bag. Proceeds will go to A Safe Place the Womens Shelter in Sherwood Park. (suggested donation $1/lb)

Attracted 2 Apples

News. Friday, September 19, 2014

Gail Hall inspects some of the apples she picked at attracted2apples. She will cook with them on CTV Noon New today and tomorrow Gobal Morning at 8:20am, 8:50am and 9:20am. Gail is a chef/educator/writer with Seasoned Solutions, many of us know Gail from her past work as weekly food columnist with CBC radio. Her culinary tours and cooking classes are highly regarded.

News. Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quantity Status of some of the different varieties:

News. Sunday, September 14, 2014: Part Two

It was family afternoon at the orchard once again. I got a kick out of listening to the kids talk as they hunted down the perfect apple, they made me feel young again for a brief few minutes. Lots of new and old friends to chat with today.

We still have about 1/3 of the apples in the orchard left yet to pick.

News. Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking like a great day to be out in the country. This weekend and next are the best in terms of the selection apples available to pick. We sell a fresh eating apple ripened to perfection on the tree but is also wonderful for baking. Average sale so far this year is close to 20 lbs per customer.

News. Saturday, September 13, 2014

Thank-you Natasha from Fort Sask. for bringing your family and friends, also to Jenelle, family and friends from Edmonton. We had a critical mass of kids and had a great time playing croquet and roasting apples. The odd apple was also picked.

News. Friday, September 12, 2014

The entire orchard is now open for picking. There are lots of varieties that are ripe and ready to be picked. We will have a tasting table setup so visitors can sample the different apple varieties then decide where they want to pick in the orchard.

News. Thursday, September 11, 2014

I will open the orchard tomorrow (which is Friday). We still have Prairie Sensation, Misty Rose and Orange Pumpin which will be ripe. 5 of Diamonds seemed to be a bit tarter then the others and may continue to be so. Some of the other varieties maybe ripe but I cannot say at this point, there should be lots of time tomorrow to check out the other varieties and I will post a report late Friday evening for the weekend pickers.

News. Sunday, September 7, 2014

Today was a much more relaxing day, with drizzling rain for the latter part of the day, we had 1/3 the number of customers. It was ok since I had the chance to harvest some apples and vegetables for myself.

Prairie Sensation was popular with the high volume pickers, we will likely be picked out by the end of the weekend. Orange Pumpkin and Misty Rose were popular with the low volume pickers.

Overall the weekend went very smoothly. Everyone that came by bought apples. The people that left with the biggest grins were those that bought 40 lbs or more.

News. Saturday, September 6, 2014

Today seemed like a long day. We were pleased that lots of customers showed up and picked lots of apples. It was busy until about 3:00pm when things started to slow down. A reporter from the Fort Saskatchewan Record dropped by which was fun.

We had a table setup so that customers could sample the different varieties. Prairie Sensation seemed to be the most popular, followed closely by Misty Rose. A significant amount of 5 of Diamonds and Orange Pumpkin sold as well today.

Tomorrow I will be picking lots of Prairie Sensation and smaller amounts of 5 of Diamonds, Orange Pumpkin and Misty Rose for long term storage. Last year we were eating our own apples to the end of November at which time my refrigerator in the garage started to freeze.

News. Friday, September 5, 2014

We just completed a family apple tasting to judge which apples are ripe. The three us have decided that Misty Rose is just perfect, juicy, tangy and sweet, different from any store bought variety. Orange pumpkin is really close, I would advise pickers to pick the ones that have seen lots of sun. The 5 of diamonds could use 3 or 4 days yet.

Although most of our varieties are not yet ripe, I think it is worth the trip to get some of the Misty Rose, it is very good. We will be open tomorrow as planned. Hope to see you there!

News. Thursday, September 4, 2014

Will check the apples tomorrow morning for ripeness and report back by tomorrow evening. Frank

News. Sept 1, 2014

I was out tasting apples with my son, Kyle yesterday. I still find it exciting to go around testing all the different varieties. It is heaven to catch an apple has been allowed to slowly ripen on the tree to its peak flavor point. The different flavours in apple seem so much more intense. As an apple becomes ripe, one of the things that happen is that the starches convert to sugar and the apple tastes sweeter. My son likes apples with the least sugar, my wife likes the sweet ones like Gala, and I am somewhere in the middle.

The four varieties that ripen first at our orchard are Misty Rose, Orange Pumpkin, Norkent and 5 of Diamonds. Misty Rose was getting close but still not quite ripe, I expect it to be good by next weekend. The 5 of Diamonds on Renetka rootstock (full size tree) was definitely not ripe. The 5 of Diamonds on Ottawa 3 (semi-dwarf) rootstock was much riper. The Orange Pumpkin really caught me by surprise, the flavours were intense with just a hint of sweetness. My wife tried a different Orange Pumpkin apple I brought home, took 3 bites and declared it was too sour to finish. Go figure? The one I had was the best apple I have eaten since consuming Courtland apples obtained from Nova Scotia last fall. I am a little apprehensive about opening the orchard with the apples on the cusp of being ripe. We will check on the apples later on in the week and report back. Frank

News. August 24, 2014

The apples are looking great so far. We have been fortunate to have had good moisture this year, warm days and no hail. Some varieties should be ripe just after the long weekend in September.